Tyre Marks Explained

Tyre Marks Explained

Car Tyre Sizes

At Fast Tyre Service, we are experts in car tyres and vehicle tyres in general. Today we are going to focus on the importance of tyre marks, so you can see how to rate your car tyres. Tyre markings refer to the writing on the rubber of vehicle tyres. They offer the convenience of conveying all the information we need to know about your tyres, though it may be confusing to read if you aren’t aware what these signs and symbols represent. They also have a secondary role in showing that the tyre has passed the required safety standards. Read on to find out more about what each of these number codes mean.

Tyre Size

The main string of numbers located at the beginning of the first code we’re looking at shows your tyre size. It includes the tyre width, aspect ratio, as well as the tyre construction and wheel diameter. The tyre width shows the measurement between each sidewall in millimetres. The aspect ratio indicates the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the tyre width. The next part is expressed as a letter, referring to the tyre construction, which will either be radial, bias belt or diagonal, with the first being the most common. Lastly, the final number refers to the wheel diameter, which is measured in inches, indicating the size of the wheel rim.

Load Index

The next numerical code follows after the main code outlined above and this refers to the maximum load that a tyre is able to carry. The number represents a weight in kilograms, so a load index of 65 would represent a weight limit of 290kg, a load index of 66 would represent a weight limit of 300, and so on.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is shown by a letter, which indicates the maximum speed that a tyre can reach when carrying the maximum load. The letter represents a speed in either miles or kilometres per hour. For example, the speed symbol ‘Q’ would refer to an approximate 99mph/160kmph, and the speed symbol ZR would refer to 149mph/240kmph.

Additional Details

Additional details that are included on your tyre include the brand name, pattern name, country of manufacture, a manufacturing date code, and a European ECE tyre approval. They also include tread wear indicators, which only become visible when the tyre tread is close to approaching the legal minimum of 1.6mm, though not all tyres have these indicators, in which case you will need to regularly heck the tyre tread depth.

Fast Tyre Service

Here at Fast Tyre Service, we use information included on your tyre markings to make sure we can replace and fit the correct tyres. Looking at your tyre markings will enable you to enter your tyre width, tyre profile, rim size and speed rating. Once you’ve entered your tyre sizes, you can choose your tyres, select a date and time for your tyre fitting and reserve your order.

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