Tyre Rolling Resistance: What is it?

Car Tyre Rolling

Here at Fast Tyre Service, we provide a mobile tyre-fitting service from our base in Worthing to surrounding areas. As part of our services, we can offer expert advice about your vehicle. Today we are going to look at tyre rolling resistance and why it matters when purchasing new car tyres.

Understanding Rolling Resistance

Rolling resistance occurs in all tyres, and it refers to the energy required to keep them moving. Since the EU introduced tyre labelling regulations in the early 2010s, car tyres are now sold with further information so you can make the most informed choice. Tyre rolling resistance impacts fuel efficiency, wet weather performance, and external noise, so you must consider the specification you require for your vehicle. Car tyre rolling resistance occurs when there is friction between the tyre, vehicle, and road, deformation of the ground, and varying friction on different road surfaces. Though all tyres have a certain level of rolling resistance, they can be minimized for improved energy consumption.

The Best Rolling Resistance

Often referred to as low emission or energy-efficient tyres, they offer reduced levels of wasted energy and CO2 emissions. If your tyres produce high levels of rolling resistance, your car must consume more energy to maintain its speed. The best type will balance grip for safe steering and a smoothness that won’t hinder the momentum of your drive. Our team will provide professional insight to help you choose the right specification for your vehicle.

The Benefits

As well as reducing energy waste, low emission tyres with minimal resistance can save drivers upwards of 10% in fuel costs. Over time, they will save you substantial amounts of fuel and improve the energy efficiency of your vehicle. Whether you use an internal combustion powered vehicle or electric car, we can provide the best tyres to suit your vehicle.

Rolling Resistance

Our Service

We provide a 24-hour tyre-fitting service, so we are available to help in your time of need day and night. We bring our services directly to you, so we can fit your vehicle with new low emission tyres right on your driveway. You can choose a time, date, and place convenient for you, whether at home or at work. We provide an efficient service with our simple online system. All you need to enter is your registration number and the type of tyre you require, and we can sort the rest. If you want to discuss your requirements with our team, find our contact details so we can help you choose the best specification of tyres to suit your vehicle.

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